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Coming from a family farm outside of Kirksville, Mo., I grew up running around with my horses, making mud pies and snapping beans with my grandma. Fast forward through about 1oo,ooo,ooo+ hours of workouts, lots of learning experiences, and countless cases of trial and error and you will find the Lauren Steele of today.

My running relationship began in high school–Junior year to be exact, and I have cultivated it into my Junior year of college. After saying good-bye to the farm and Kirksville, I paid homage to that little girl running with the horses and making mud pies by focusing on a fit and health conscious lifestyle. (I have now transitioned to running with humans and making pies that are actually edible!).

I have experience as a fitness instructor, but most of my knowledge is self made. Hopefully, your landing here is your way of educating yourself to become the best you that you can be. Because that is what it’s all about folks! Dive in and and try the recipes, push through the workouts–because the greatest rewards come with the courage to try, and to do. Make it happen, and enjoy every moment!


Lauren Steele

Email me at: ltsvg5@mail.missouri.edu

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