Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

…and running is not so delightful. Or so you think. But you might not know, because you haven’t even set foot outside into the wintry wonderland. This is one of those tricky times when obsessive runners need to recognize when to call it a day and not trek out into the tundra, and fickle runners need to recognize when to get out and weather the storm. Pun intended.

There is a fine line between the “go” and the “oh no” when you are facing mother nature. I did a 70-minute elliptical endurance workout and some Insanity during the two days that were deemed a state of emergency here in this neck of the woods. However, I got out and about this weekend–braving snow piles, slush, and plows for some pretty enjoyable runs. In fact, they felt almost adventurous.

I could have said, “to heck with it!” and hibernated all week as my natural instincts were telling me to. But I didn’t, because skipping this workout leads to that excuse which leads to that “break” which leads to a fundamental weakness in motivation. Most of us don’t have coaches or personal trainers to hold us accountable. We have ourselves and our own self-motivation. So even though it seems easy, don’t let the weather rain, or snow, or sleet on your parade! Tell yourself that this is gonna be great, then make it great! (I actually found myself hurdling small snow piles to keep things fun yesterday).

To determine whether it is a go for a run in the great outdoors, you need to answer “yes” to the following:

1. iIs there enough room on the road for you to safely run without sidewalks?

2. Is it above 15 degrees outside? (Fahrenheit people!)

3. If you go on this run, will you feel like a champion when you complete it because you got out there when most people won’t?

…If so, then get going! (Maybe not in shorts though…that’s my friend Karl and he is crazy!)


And if you answer yes to these questions, then you should stay safe and indoors today:

1. Could you do another workout and feel just as accomplished as a great run would make you feel?

2. Is your city in a state of emergency? (Clearly this makes for a “no go”)

3. Do you get a brain freeze when you walk outside? (Yup, that happened to me. Ick.)


…stay inside and try a new workout video or cross train! But resist the urge to nap until you have broken a little sweat.

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