Houston, We Have A Problem

Ever have one of those runs or workouts where it seems that infinity and beyond is against you? That no matter what, the universe is refusing to let your sweat session happen in the way that you envisioned it? Well, I had one of those days. It doesn’t really help that this week decided to turn glacially cold out of nowhere (thanks Missouri). So for starters, my motivation has fallen victim to the embedded instinct to hibernate at times like these. I was feeling one part human, one part grizzly bear. And my attitude matched.

So I enlisted a friend. I thought that maybe if I had someone to hold me accountable, the workouts would come easier. We made plans to get up stupidly early on Wednesday morning and pound out a run. Just as I was able to muster the motivation to get excited for the run (I am not a morning runner), she canceled.

So I was on my own. Guess I would just have to run after work, par usual. Suddenly, I couldn’t decide what route I wanted to run, my warmest leggings decided to deconstruct and I got off work late. Everything was going wrong!

But I settled on a too-familiar old 9-mile route. Better to just get this run over with than try something new. I put headphones in and a little Dave Matthews Band Pandora station on, and started the slog. I didn’t even care how slow I was. By mile 2, I was sweating buckets and had to abandon my puffy vest for later retrieval (Yes, I still wear puffy vests). By mile 5, my phone completely died (there goes my buddy Dave). Motivation was at an all time low. But I had no choice at this point–I had to make it back. No one to call and pick me up, it was all on me.

And I finished. I was sweaty, I was grouchy, but 9 miles later, I was proud. Just proud to finish. Sometimes that is how workouts go. And those that you finish make you better. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. More like, what kills your phone makes you stronger. Like this hill on mile 6.


For all of you out there facing this yucky winter weather, fight back! Even when things go wrong, you change find a way to make it better. If you have to, go inside for a cross-training day. Enlist a buddy, put in your music, do whatever it takes! Just get through it and remember this….


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