To The Top!

Weekends are always a nice time to switch things up, to add a little fun to your workouts. I highly doubt anyone strongly disagrees with that statement. I work hard all week to enjoy my weekends. That’s what they are for!

My friend Chloe came to visit me, and I wanted to find something to do that would throw a little active pizzazz in our Saturday morning before a big and bountiful brunch at my favorite cafe. She was such a trooper and allowed me to drag her out into the chilly February morning for a little excursion out on the trail. Her reward? Well besides a scrumptious peanut-butter-honey-banana-flapjack extravaganza of a meal that would soon be hers, she got a birds eye view of the nature trail we had spent our morning on 🙂

Together we climbed the cliffs around the trail and enjoyed some pretty stunning sights, regardless of the lack of flora. The total venture ended up being 4 miles of a walk/run plus the rock-climbing…and we didn’t even feel like we were working out! That is my kind of weekend fitness–enjoying the outdoors, enjoying good company and enjoying new adventures.


Here are some ways that you can finagle some fun and adventurous fitness into your weekend routine!

1. Take a hike. Literally. Grab a friend, find a trail and go explore. It doesn’t matter if it is a bike trail, a sidewalk or the stinking Appalachian Tail. Just being out in nature will inspire you to get moving. And walking miles is equivalent to running miles, so don’t sweat a slower pace. Four miles walked burns the same 400 calories that four miles ran will.

2. Let your inner child out and go roller blading! Yes, didn’t we all have some sweet roller blades at some point? Get some on your feet and get going. In-line skates, roller skates or ice skates! Gliding around for an hour burns around 500 calories, and it’s a blast.

3. Now that we don’t have to worry about the terror of getting picked last in gym class, setup your own old-school throwback game with some friends. You are never too old for a game of kickball, dodgeball, soccer or wiffleball. Trust me. An hour and 400 calories later, you earned yourself a PB&J, without the crusts of course 🙂

4. Kayaking, canoeing and puttin’ around on a paddle boat are so much fun when you and a friend hit the water together. It gets you out on the water, gives your legs a little rest, and gives your some sculpted shoulders, not to mention torching 50-70 calories a minute. If you have a lake around you, chances are that they have any of these little vessels ready to rent out to you for a day of aqua-adventure!

5.This is where I take the number five slot to say that you should just get out there and go! Go golfing, go spelunking, go window shopping, go snowshoeing, go paddle boarding, go wash your car (with your own man-power!), do some house chores, climb a tree, try tennis–anything really! Just make the most out of your weekend. Being active is easy and spices up Saturdays and Sundays.

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