Running Romance: What Kind of Runner Are You?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t celebrate this holiday in the traditional sense, but I do try to acknowledge people and things that I love–all the time. However, I got a big surprise in the mail today from my guy despite the fact that we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. These put a big, cheesy smile on my face.


Around this time of year, aka this time of year being Valentine’s Day, you see quizzes flying around the world wide web like the birds and the bees. They promise to tell you everything about yourself. What kind of lover are you? Is love in your future? What kind of relationship do you have? What is your ideal date? And so on and so forth until you pretty much have your wedding dress and first dance song picked out for the nuptials you will have with the “easygoing athlete” that said quizzes said you will fall madly in love with–once you find him.

But thats not really my cup of tea this February 14th. I took the “What Kind of Runner Are You?” quiz on, since I am head over heels with Runner’s World and running (and my real valentine is in Colorado right now ūüė¶ ). So for all of you runners out there, find out where your heart lies! My results were pretty interesting, and pretty spot on. Turns out I am a…drumroll ¬†please….a purist! (Big surprise there). Here is what Runner’s World had to tell me about my pure running love..

The Purist:

You run for running’s sake – you like how it feels and how it makes you feel afterwards. You might race, you might not. Running is part of your routine; it makes you feel complete. How far and how fast you run is based on how you feel that day, how nice a day it is and your surroundings.

Get motivated¬†You probably don’t have a problem with this, but if you do, picture yourself at your favourite part of your route for that day, running comfortably, feeling great. Remember how good you’ll feel for running.

Learn from others¬†From¬†exercisers, discover other forms of satisfying activity. You’ll appreciate having a back-up when running isn’t possible, and you’ll be more rounded as an athlete and a person.

Enjoy running more¬†Allow yourself to take rest days. Listening to your head (“I want to run”) and ignoring your body (“I could use a break”) will detract from the pleasure of the experience. Strengthen your mind and body so you can enjoy a lifetime of running.

Avoid trouble¬†Don’t run until you’re too tired to enjoy the rest of your life. You need running to be a special part of your day, not a compulsion.

Cope with injury¬†Remind yourself that there will be a time when you’ll be on your favourite route and able to enjoy the simple act of running.

Read Running and Being by George Sheehan; Feet in the Clouds by Richard Askwith; Lore of Running by Timothy Noakes.

Whoawhoawhoa…describes me to a “t!” Case in point: Today I ran my favorite route with my running-buddy Molly, and I smiled the whole time because nothing feels better than a good run on a wonderful day with a great friend. I even wore my favorite spandex!


How do you celebrate V-Day? Also, what kind of runner are you? Take the Quiz and find out!

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